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About Us

The world of mining provides many opportunities through our technology, our people & our passion for innovation and class leading engineering. The world of Makuri enthusiastically embraces those opportunities.

We believe that our wear liner systems deliver truly world leading performance - and more mine owners around the world are coming to the same conclusion.

There's a new word for mining wear reduction system excellence.
That word is MAKURI

What Drives Us

Everything we do is driven by the desire to define, develop, design and deliver the most advanced, proven and operationally superior mining wear-parts available today.

The design and manufacturing limitations of OEM wear-parts meets acceptable performance criteria. We use our knowledge and skill to design Makuri wear parts that deliver maximum reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Quite simply, extraction equipment harnessing the power of Makuri Technology are the most efficient, cost effective, longer lasting wear-parts in the world.

The Makuri cost/benefit equation – Long Term Operating Cost Savings vs. Short Term Capital Cost Reduction.

What do we achieve

  • Reduction in mining TCO
  • Reduction in mining equipment failure
  • Reduction in mining equipment downtime
  • Reduction in mining Health and Safety Risk
  • Reduction in Negative Environmental impact of mining
  • Increase in mining productivity
  • Increase in mining plant reliability
  • Increase in mining plant longevity
  • Increase in mining operator satisfaction
  • Increase in mining ROI

Our Passion

We’re driven by the ever-present opportunity to improve, enhance and redefine what operational extraction excellence looks like.

The majority of wear-components used in mining today are generally overlooked and under-valued.

Which is all a bit odd, as its often these "Orphan" components that are the cause of inefficiency and high operating/extraction costs.

R+D Excellence

Annually we invest more than 12.5% of our group sales in Research and Development.

We're committed to keeping Makuri and our customers at the leading edge of tomorrow’s mining technology.

We have the people, the know-how, the technology and the passion to turn that ambition into reality.

TCO Reduction

The "holy grail" in mining is lowest extraction costs per tonne/per hour. For mine owners and operators this is one of the most vital KPI’s.

By understanding that, and applying our innovation, substantial bank of advanced, proven and robust components and human resources, Makuri are a major contributor to a healthy P+L.