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MAK-ASSET Advanced Mining Wear Part Reduction Technology brings together a suite of elements and expertise to deliver significant and quantifiable operational advantages. These advantages culminate in longer, sustainable wear component life unmatched by any other manufacturer and lowest achievable TCO. Significant improvements are also achieved in Health & Safety and Environmental issues.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • TCO = Cost to Buy + Cost to Use (Cradle to Grave costing models)
  • Cost to Buy is only a small % of the total cost to both buy and use a product – in some cases measured by us showing at less than 5%
  • World class, superior product cost/benefit advantages measured on comparable equipment and usage.

Our technical design team, working with the most advanced CAD software and utilising the most proven and condition appropriate materials, continue to break new ground and reach new heights in durability, reliability and performance of mining contact components. We dig deep to find answers to the TCO challenges faced by mine owners and operators globally.

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It's logical! Ultimate component performance can only be achieved when superior material integrity is inherent in everything that carries the MAKURI brand name. We collaborate closely with specialist foundries and metallurgists to ensure that we consistently develop mine wear reduction systems constructed with the most appropriate, proven and performance enhancing metals.

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Our sophisticated "in-house" MAK-SKAN+ 3D scanning and modeling capability allows us to identify a range of wear, stress and fatigue characteristics. This provides our engineers with a comprehensive, understanding of the wear dynamics in play which guides us to the development of quite simply the most advanced wear-reduction liners and ancillary mining and processing components.

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Our goal is to work collaboratively with mine owners and mine operators over a sufficiently long period of time to allow the maximum operational benefits to be attained. As trust builds on the back of results being achieved, we are able to spend more time understanding your objectives, challenges, frustrations and goals. MAK MAX allows for maximised two-way benefits.

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