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MAKURI Technology is in a continuous state of development. Our relentless research aims to identify new material types that can add significant value in the areas of our core expertise and product application .

No other mining wear-systems company spends the amount of time or money in ratio to sales than we do. Many of our materials and composites have been specifically developed by us and are proven to deliver the lowest TCO in their area of use .

We have foundry partners that produce uniquely for us.

Chrome Alloy Steels

Plasma Forged Plates

Cast Bonded Blocks & Plates

New generation, advanced bi-metal wear materials, with significant benefits over both Q&T and weld overlay plates. MAKURI Plasma Plate and Cast Bonded Plates and Blocks exhibit these outstanding qualities;

    Very fine carbide grain structure allows extreme Abrasion resistance
    Very fine carbide grain structure allows extreme Impact resistance. No Early failures from break away of carbides when under impact
    Reduced hang up and carry back for greater production
    Due to both high chrome content and the extremely dense and low porosity forged wear layer that does not allow for ingress of high or low pH or salt based materials
    In mining conditions Plasma Plate lasts around 1.5 times and Cast Bonded lasts around to 2 times longer than same thickness weld overlay chrome carbide plates and 6 x longer than 400 BHN plate
    Can be residual thickness measured using our proprietary designs and methods


  • Plasma Plate can be rolled internally and externally to fit medium sized buckets and larger
  • Cast bonded plates and blocks can only be made flat

Manganese Alloy Steels

  • The world's premium grades of manganese now available at competitive pricing High levels of Manganese are alloyed with Carbon, Molybdenum and other elements to make premium grade high performance manganese alloy steels in a variety of grades to suit application.
  • This along with our propriety heat treatment process, produces unique steels of high toughness that can also withstand extreme impact and abrasion under all work hardening conditions.
  • For use in the most demanding ore loading, crushing and processing applications where high to extreme impact and abrasion occur.

Material Development

All materials shown on our website are fully developed and field tested in the most demanding hard rock mining applications and have been proven to be the most cost effective delivering lowest Total Cost of Ownership over longer periods.

New materials are constantly being developed, reviewed and Alpha and Beta tested by selected participating “early adopter” end users across both the mobile and process wear application areas under Participation Agreements