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Successful minerals extraction and processing now, and increasingly in the future, will be determined by the best availability and utilisation of assets.

As such, there’s a need to start looking beyond standard wear systems that just meet OEM specifications and move to the rapid adoption of innovative new designs and materials  that deliver sustainable and measurable reductions in the Total Costs of Ownership.

MAK-MAX is an optimisation process that allows the maximum value to be obtained from the equipment liners and liners systems by making the equipment more productive overall and on a guaranteed path to lowest TCO.

This is typically done as 2 Phase process that involves a Benchmarking phase followed by and Optimisation phase.

Phase 1 - Benchmarking

MAK-MATERIALS are used to assess the benefits of material improvement and current design effects

  • The current liner profile is kept the same but using our superior Makuri material grades we obtain a new wear profile
  • We also need to collect performance data on ore types plus tph, power draw, hours running over idle kW and psd if possible
  • We prefer to benchmark using at least 2 or more liner sets to allow for variances

Phase 2 - Optimization

In house proprietary technology is used to evaluate the information and create new design and materials options to meet required life and weight targets that can't be reached by others

  • After Phase 1 we scan the liners and analyse all results and data using proprietary software
  • We then offer an optimised liner profile to offer improved life and performance
  • This normally takes 2 to 3 sets to fully optimize however many are happy after 1 as this will be around 80 to 90% of the gain to be had

Over the last 20 years, we have monitored, assessed and reviewed over 1,000 different wear liner applications.

  • Our database contains over 10,000 plant designs and drawings
  • We use all collected data for benchmarking and reference purposes to expedite the design and re-design processes
  • Please contact Makuri or your local Distributor to discuss how to apply the MAK-MAX process to your operation